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News and Updates
Check out this section for the latest:
  • News, rumours and briefs:
    Want to know when Bowie's next album is coming out? Or where his next concert is going to be? Then read the news and rumours section of the news page. (Usually updated daily ).
  • Site Updates:
    Want to see what new feature has been added to the Teenage Wildlife site? Or what pages have been updated recently. Then visit the site update section.
Frequently Asked Questions
This section holds a collection of answers to questions that we often get asked in email, ranging from "What is David Bowie's email address?" - Answer: We don't know and he doesn't give it out!, to "What's the story with Bowie's eyes?" - Answer: One eye was injured in a teenage fight, leaving it permanently dilated.

The FAQ is currently under heavy construction, as it is revamped and restored from the previous version which has not been updated for over two years. In the meantime, visit the FAQ, and if you have suggestions for additions, please email them to faq@teenagewildlife.com.

A short biography, contributed by Philip Obbard. New readers may want to read this first, then consult the FAQ.
Ever wanted to know what set list Bowie performed on his Ziggy Stardust tour? Or read reviews of his most recent appearances? Visit the Tour Information page to find out more.

Want to read reviews of recent Bowie appearances, or look at links to past Bowie reviews or interviews which have appeared in the press. Want to write your own review of a concert or album? Then, visit the Appearances page where all this and more is collected together for easy reference.

Other Internet Links
As of September 1996, David Bowie was the third most popular solo male artist on the World Wide Web, if you count the number of Internet sites related to him. You can check out some of the best links on the Bowie Internet Links page as well as submit your own if you find one that's not present!

Bowie Information Off-line
Still not satisfied?? Want to find out more about Bowie? Then, you may want to look at

  • Fan Magazines and Clubs
    Listing of fan magazines and Bowie clubs from all around the world, together with subscription information.
  • Online Newsletters
    Online email lists devoted to Bowie.
  • Books
    A section listing printed books written about David Bowie.

Friends, associates and other Bowie hangers-on.

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