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Are you interested in advertising on Teenage Wildlife? Teenage Wildlife is where hardcore and casual David Bowie fans alike come to get the latest Bowie news, browse the music archives, or just chat to other Bowie fans. Your advertisements will reach a target market of dedicated music lovers.


Rates are negotiable based on placement and frequency, starting as low as $8 CPM for a bulk buy (more than 500,000 impressions) across the entire site.

Please contact Evan Torrie at torrie@etete.com for further information.


An online, daily updated look at the demographics of this site can be found by following this link.

Technical Specifications

Sponsors have a number of options on how to advertise, and all requests will be accommodated within technical limits. For example, you can have a banner located at the top of the most popular pages on the site (rotated with other sponsors), or perhaps have your logo direct-linked to your site on every album or song lyrics page. An online music store may like a direct link to their Bowie section from every album page, so buyers need only click on the logo to go straight to an order sheet.

Teenage Wildlife can provide impression numbers and click through ratios so sponsors can measure how often ads are accessed and how well their ads are doing.

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