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February 17, 1997
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February 24, 1997
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Teenage Wildlife is a production of Etete Systems and thousands of David Bowie fans. Without the contributions and comments of fans, this site could not exist. Thank you!

Although I'm sure I'll miss some, here's a list of people who have been invaluable in making Teenage Wildlife what it is today!

Ruud Altenburg
Dara O'Kearney
Alan Morgan
Artur de Oliveira
Tony Green
Bonnie Powell
Dave Priest
Paul Kinder
Alyssa Palmer
Philip Obbard
Calvin Hedgecoke
Darla Stumph
Shai Shamir
Randall Gallimore
Jason Fortun
Mike Harvey
Ernst Anger
Trinia del Rosario
Matt Westacott
Kristi Barnett
David Phipps
Eyal Perek
Punk Floyd
Sonja Ingeroi
Noam Gal
Eric Slim
Ido Gan
Eiichi Yoshimura
Jennifer Lewis
Mike Alford
Brian Gallagher
Tony Martin
Rachel Nelson
Anthony Lester

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