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Teenage Wildlife is a World Wide Web site dedicated to promoting and providing a reference to the works of David Bowie. The site has the following goals:

The site is run by Evan Torrie, under the auspices of Etete Systems.


Please use the following email address for all correspondence related to Teenage Wildlife (e.g. news, updates, corrections, contributions, comments).

Alternatively, you can fax us at (801) 382-5312

Privacy Policy

Teenage Wildlife is committed to a strict privacy policy to protect the interests of our readers. Please read the following privacy statement to find out more.

Privacy Policy


Teenage Wildlife started out life in late October 1994 as The David Bowie File, mainly as an experiment in Web content development (interfacing a search engine to data on the Web), and as a convenient repository for David Bowie lyrics (something I've always wanted online and searchable). Through a lot of typing and hard work, I had most of the main studio albums with lyrics available by February 1995. I owe an eternal debt of gratitude to Jason Fortun and Randall Gallimore who provided me with a lot of scanned album covers and pictures when I didn't have access to a scanner.

Traffic to the site grew steadily, eventually reaching a plateau of around 2200 page impressions per day in mid July 1995. With the release of Outside in September 1995, traffic suddenly grew another 50% to 3,500 page impressions per day for a couple of months. During this time, I added the ever popular quote contest (a hit amongst fans, even David himself likes it). Then, in later 1995 I added the ability to vote on albums and songs (taking my cue mainly from the brillant Internet Movie Database site).

Various fans contributed discographies, and more pictures. I added more of the lesser known albums (such as compilations and soundtracks, then finally adding singles when there were songs which weren't on any albums). Traffic leveled off at about 12,000 hits per day (or around 2,500-3,000 page impressions) in early 1996. Due to my illness, the site remained largely inactive in terms of updates for the first 9 months of 1996.

Upon returning to the US in August 1996, I embarked upon a major upgrade to the site, renaming it from the prosaic David Bowie File to Teenage Wildlife and redesigning the front page, adding more current news, and fleshing out parts of the site which had been in limbo. In early October, the site moved to a new commercial hosting service, and was rapidly expanded to include additional features such as the Fan Contributions page and the Articles page, and the News page became a true daily update.

A birthday card project for Bowie's birthday was undertaken, coinciding with his 50th birthday on January 8, 1997. A large format version of the online card was printed and sent to Bowie, and then used in a multimedia presentation at the entrance to his concert on January 9, 1997 at Madison Square Garden.

Bowie's Earthling tour in mid-late 1997 proved a decisive turn in Teenage Wildlife's history, as I added a set of tour pages, one per concert, with the ability for browsers to add comments about each show, register as concertgoers and buy/sell or trade tickets. This proved immensely popular, and became well known to Bowie's band, as they stated that they would often log on the next day to see what the audience thought of the previous night's show.

In 1998, the average number of visitors per day is around 1500-2000, with nearly 10,000 page views per day. We hit one million visitors on August 1 1998 since the inception of the frontpage counter in September 1995, and ran a celebration drawing. Bowie himself donated a gift of a one year's subscription to BowieNet, and we added over $350 in prizes for the lucky winners.


Assuming the ability to attract sponsorship, the site will be expanded in the future to provide even more fan interaction. We currently give away one free CD every month to a registered user, but there are plans to expand the range of "rewards" for visiting and playing games at the site.


...coming soon


Interested in sponsorship opportunities for the premier David Bowie fan site on the Web? Want to reach a large, sophisticated music audience? Then you'll be interested in Teenage Wildlife's sponsorship information.

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Many fans have helped contribute to this page to make it into what it is today. We've also received some help in making the site popular through awards from some of the major search engines. Read all about it on the site credits page.

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