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Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy - The Single

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UK release 1982

Limited Edition Cover Limited Edition Back
  1. Peace On Earth (Grossman/Frazier)
  2. Little Drummer Boy (Simeone/Onorati/Davis/Shawnee)
  3. Fantastic Voyage (Bowie/Eno)
Release Details
Released by RCA in the UK, November 1982
Catalogue numbers: BOW 12 (UK), BOWT 12 (UK)
Released in picture sleeve (BOW 12)
12" single released in picture sleeve (BOWT 12)
Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy
David Bowie, Tony Visconti (1977)
David Bowie: vocals
Bing Crosby: vocals
plus unspecified session musicians
Fantastic Voyage
David Bowie, Tony Visconti (1979)
David Bowie: vocals, guitar, piano and synthesizer
Tony Visconti: mandolin, guitar and vocals
Simon House: mandolin and violin
Adrian Belew: mandolin and guitar
Sean Mayes: piano
Brian Eno: synthesizer
Roger Powell: synthesizer
George Murray: bass
Dennis Davis: drums and bass
Carlos Alomar: guitar and drums

US Enhanced CD Release

  1. Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy (Grossman/Frazier) (Simeone/Onorati/Davis/Shawnee)
  2. Enhanced CD-ROM video of Bowie/Crosby performance
Release Details
Released by Oglio Records, USA 1995

Austrian release 1997

This appears to be an Austrian only release, and lists the song as just Little Drummer Boy, backed by some other strange choices. Information from Markus.


  1. Little Drummer Boy (2:39) (Simeone/Onorati/Davis/Shawnee)
  2. Hallo Snowman (3:53) (Bodgan)
  3. Ships are Sailing (3:44) (Ballycotton)
  4. When an Indian Dies (5:16) (Bodgan)
Release Details
Released by Semaphore in Austria
Catalogue number: 38771-408 (550350)
Beatbull Production/Molln/Austria


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