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Knock On Wood - The Single

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Songs (Time)

UK release

  1. Knock On Wood (Floyd, Cropper)
  2. Panic In Detroit (Bowie)
Release Details
Released by RCA in the UK, September 1974
Catalogue number: 2466 (UK)

Spain release

  1. Knock On Wood (Floyd, Cropper)
  2. Changes (Bowie)
Release Details
Released by RCA in Spain, September 1974
Catalogue number: SPBO 9185 (Spain)
German cover
German cover
French cover
French cover
Portuguese cover
Portuguese cover
Tony Visconti (1974)
Recorded live, 14 July 1974, Philadelphia
David Bowie: vocals
Earl Slick: guitar
Michael Kamen: keyboards
David Sanborn: sax
Richard Grando: sax
Herbie Flowers: bass
Tony Newman: drums
Pablo Rosario, Gui Andrisano and Warren Peace: backing vocals

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