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I Can't Read - The Single

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First released in Germany, this single features the version of I Can't Read from the Ice Storm soundtrack.

German CD

Songs (Time)

German CD

  1. I Can't Read (4:40) short version
  2. I Can't Read (5:30) long version
  3. This Is Not America (3:48)
Release details
Released December 1997 by Velvel/ZYX in Germany
Catalogue number: ZYX 8757-8
Released December 1997 by MNW ILR/Velvel in Scandinavia
Catalogue number: VEL CD4504
Released January 1998 by Shock Records under exclusive license from Velvel Records in Australia
Catalogue number: CORX047CD
I Can't Read
David Bowie
Co Producers
Reeves Gabrels and Mark Plati
Mark Plati
This Is Not America
David Bowie and Pat Metheny
Bob Clearmountain


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