Teenage Wildlife

Fashion - The Single

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Songs (Time)

UK/US Release

US cover
  1. Fashion (Bowie)
  2. Scream Like A Baby (Bowie)
Release Details
Released by RCA in the UK and US, October 1980
Catalogue number: BOW 7 (UK), PB-12134 (US)
Released in picture sleeve
12" single released in picture sleeve

Japan Release

  1. Fashion (Bowie)
  2. It's No Game (Part 1) (Bowie)
Release Details
Released by RCA in Japane, October 1980
Catalogue number: RPS 10 (Japan)
Released in picture sleeve
David Bowie, Tony Visconti (1980)
David Bowie: vocals and keyboards
Michi Hirota: vocals (on It's No Game)
Carlos Alomar: guitar
Robert Fripp: guitar
George Murray: bass
Tony Visconti: guitar
Dennis Davis: drums
Pete Townshend: guitar
Roy Bittan: piano
Andy Clarke: synthesizer


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