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Dancing In The Street - The Single

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Released under the name David Bowie and Mick Jagger.

Songs (Time)

Written by Ivy Jo Hunter, William Stevenson and Marvin Gaye.

  1. Dancing In The Street
  2. Dancing In The Street (instrumental version)
Release details
Released by EMI America in the UK and US, August 1985
Catalogue numbers: EA 204 (UK), 12EA 204 (UK), B 8288 in the US
Released in picture sleeve (EA 204 and in the US)
12" single released in picture sleeve (12EA 204)
Alan Winstanley, Clive Langer (1985)
David Bowie: vocals
Mick Jagger: vocals
Kevin Armstrong: guitar
G. E. Smith: guitar
Earl Slick: guitar
Matthew Seligman: bass
John Regan: bass
Neil Conti: drums
Pedro Ortiz: percussion
Jimmy Maclean: percussion
Mac Gollehon: trumpet
Stan Harrison: saxophone
Lenny Pickett: saxophone
Steve Nieve: keyboards
Helena Springs, Tessa Niles: backing vocals


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