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Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars : Motion Picture (1983)
The video of the original movie release, featuring the July 3 1973 concert at The Hammersmith Odeon, London, England. Songs are Hang On To Yourself/Ziggy Stardust/Watch That Man/Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud-All The Young Dudes-Oh! You Pretty Things/Moonage Daydream/Changes/Space Oddity/My Death/Cracked Actor/Time/The Width Of A Circle/Let's Spend The Night Together/Suffragette City/White Light-White Heat/Rock 'N' Roll Suicide.
Serious Moonlight Tour (1983)
"Official" video of the 1983 tour filmed at Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum, Vancouver, 12 September 1983. Also released on Laserdisc (PA 84-097). Songs include Look Back In Anger/Heroes/What In The World/Golden Years/Fashion/Let's Dance/Breaking Glass/Life On Mars/Sorrow/Cat People/China Girl/Scary Monsters/Rebel Rebel/White Light-White Heat/Station To Station/Cracked Actor/Ashes To Ashes/Space Oddity/Young Americans/Fame.
Ricochet (1983)
A video featuring the Far East segment of the Serious Moonlight Tour. Excerpts of the songs Fame/Heroes/Look Back In Anger, recorded in Hong Kong, Coliseum, 8 December 1983.
Jazzin' For Blue Jean (1984)
26 minutes. Features the complete Julian Temple directed movie of Blue Jean.

Note: There are actually two versions of the original video. This official release, and one that was broadcast as a special for the UK's Channel 4 program, The Tube. The only notable difference is that in the pub scene, one version contains a juke box, the other doesn't... Information from Chris Parker.

Love You Till Tuesday (1984)
Features early Bowie tracks with mime performances
Glass Spider Tour Part 1 (1987)
"Official" video of the 1987 tour featuring Glass Spider/Day-In Day-Out/Bang Bang/Absolute Beginners/Loving The Alien/China Girl/Rebel Rebel/Fashion/Never Let Me Down/Heroes.
Glass Spider Tour Part 2 (1987)
"Official" video of the 1987 tour featuring Sons Of The Silent Age/Young Americans/The Jean Genie/Let's Dance/Time/Fame/Blue Jean/I Wanna Be Your Dog/White Light-White Heat/Modern Love. Sydney, Entertainment Center, 07 and 09-11-87.
Bowie - The Video Collection (1993)
Includes the single videos from Bowie's career up to but not including those from Black Tie White Noise.
Black Tie White Noise (1993)
Includes You've Been Around, Nite Flights, Miracle Goodnight, Black Tie White Noise, I Feel Free, I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday, and the video releases of Miracle Goodnight, Jump They Say and Black Tie White Noise.
Oy Vey, Baby
Tin Machine video with Bus Stop/Sacrifice Yourself/Goodbye Mr. Ed/I Can't Read/Baby Universal/You Can't Talk/Go Now/Under The God/Betty Wrong/Stateside/I've Been Waiting For You/You Belong In Rock 'N' Roll/One Shot/If There Is Something/Heaven's In Here/Amlapura/Crack City live at Hamburg, Docks, 24 October 1991.
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