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Hunky Dory Collage (1970-1971)

Pictures of Bowie from around the Space Oddity and Hunky Dory era.

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1970 Valentine Awards Mick Rock? Mick Rock?
The Valentine Awards! Bowie Brightest Hope!
Contibuted by GWTMH
Long Hair Lazing
Contibuted by GWTMH
Long Hair Lazing
Contributed by GWTMH
The Hype Poster for Ivor Novello Awards Wedding
David Bowie and the Hype
Contibuted by GWTMH
Wow, what a lineup!
Contibuted by Robert Reinstein
Bowie, Mrs Jones and the new Mrs Jones on their wedding day
Contributed by PantherPrincess
Contributed by Artur
Contributed by Albert
Long hair and dress (looking like Lauren Bacall) - Freddi Burretti is the person with David More long wavy hair From the album Hunky Dory
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