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The Eno Era

Some pictures of Bowie taken from the 1977-79 timeframe, when Bowie hooked up with Brian Eno and Tony Visconti to create the three albums sometimes known as the Berlin or Eno trilogy; Low, Heroes, and Lodger.

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Contributed by Trinia
I Love My Leather Jacket Recording Bowie
Contributed by Trinia Contributed by Trinia Contributed by Ernst
Bowie Sailor Shot from Be My Wife video
Contributed by Albert Steen During the 1978 tour Photo during Be My Wife video production outside Plaza Athennee Hotel in Paris, June 21, 1977
Contributed by Philippe Auliac
Rock and Folk magazine 2001 magazine cover piano
Contributed by Stefano Magazine cover
Contributed by Stefano
Piano playing
Contributed by Stefano
Bowie, Eno and Fripp recording Heroes Boys Keep Swinging video Heroes photographs
From Just A Gigolo Low quality scan, also from the Heroes tour "And we can be Heroes"
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