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Philippe Auliac is a French journalist and film director who first met Bowie in 1976. Since that time, he has accumulated over 5000 photos of Bowie, and produced some film work for Bowie's management company, Isolar.

Below are some of the pictures which Philippe has contributed to Teenage Wildlife.

All pictures are copyright Philippe Auliac, and may not be reproduced without his permission.

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Bearded Bowie Sunglasses
Yes, I did just get out of bed Like my sunglasses?
Serious Moonlight Serious Moonlight Glass Spider
Serious Moonlight Tour Glass Spider concert
In Paris train station 1979 Castel Club, Paris 1979 Smiling for the paparazzi 1979
Paris train station, 1979 On the way out of the Castel Club, Paris 1979 Smiling for the paparazzi, Paris 1979
Portrait Joe's monkey Gigolo and Giogolette
Portrait for Mrs Kuelan Higelin, 1977 At airport with a monkey for son Joe, 1978 With Sydney Rome in a Paris cinema, 1979
Duke and guitar in Paris Victoria Station Shot from Be My Wife video
Playing Jean Genie, Porte de Pantin Theater, Paris, May 18, 1976
Last show of Station to Station tour
Victoria Station, Sunday May 4, 1976
Photo during Be My Wife video production outside Plaza Athennee Hotel in Paris, June 21, 1977
1987 Glass Spider tour
Paris Orly Airport, April 1987
Waiting for plane to Lisbon
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