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Review contributed by Claire Simonson

Oh dear. What's a nice way to spell TURKEY? Sorry, guys, but that's what this is -- although (don't hit the BACK button yet!!) -- there are some nice touches and several delectable moments that make it worth sitting through. First, though, the bad news:

The story hardly makes sense, which may not be a fair criticism in the context of your average Hollywood dreck. Rosanna Arquette's acting ability ranges between sullen and shrill like Minnie Mouse on coke, and doesn't hit many points between. And, overall, one gets the impression that the director (Richard Shepard) couldn't decide whether to make a naturalistic 'hipsters on the lam' kind of film (complete with "touching moments") or go all-out on a campy, screwball comedy along the lines of "Bringing up Baby" or "Hairspray".

It's the campy bits that work best: Buck Henry and Andre Gregory's faggy middle-aged couple; Eszter Balint's lethal lingerie; Marlee Matlin's hairdo pretzel (and her snotty cashier character).

The great moments: Andre riffing on his own "My Dinner with Andre" speechifying, which in this case bores the audience (including !Julian Lennon!) to death. Bowie's real wife Iman agreeing (by a show of hands) that Rosanna Arquette's character should drown in the fish tank. A gratuitous pop-music reference in the scene after the restaurant robbery, when Bowie, Arquette and Balint celebrate -- Bowie's got a guitar strapped on, which is never explained and never seen again.

A lot of the right ingredients, but doesn't quite hit its stride. And I have to ask how Bowie came to pick a project so out of character. While it is true that on a certain level, all that Bowie fans crave is simply *more* Bowie -- I count myself in here -- but lined up next to "The Man who Fell to Earth" or "Merry Xmas, Mr. Lawrence", (or even "Just a Gigolo", for chrissakes) this is a pretty flimsy vehicle.


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Just A Gigolo Just A Gigolo Just A Gigolo
Just A Gigolo Just A Gigolo


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