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Movie 'going to be very big' - producer

Manx Independent
April 1998

It's a violent and dramatic gangster film, but at the same time an emotional study of the relationship between two cousins, and according to its executive producer it's going to be the biggest Manx movie hit yet.

Everybody Loves Sunshine, which finished filming in the Island at the end of March, certainly has the credentials to live up to the claim.
Money Collector

Starring rock legend David Bowie and current hot-shot pop star and DJ Goldie, it's directed by newcomer Andrew Goth from his script which two years ago won him the British Academy Award for young writers.

The national media interest has been very high, due in no small part to Bowie's first film appearance for several years.

Set against the backdrop of an inner city club scene, the film explores the violent yet glamorous world of gangsters.

Feared but idolised, hated but respected, these gangsters will stop at nothing to have absolute control in their territory.

Warlords Terry (Goldie) and Ray (Goth) have just been released from prison and in their absence the rival Triads have grown stronger and more daring.

When one of their number is brutally killed the gang members, led by Bernie (Bowie), want revenge and turn to Ray and Terry for direction.

However, prison has changed Ray, who wants out of the gang to go straight. But Terry, driven by an obsession far beyond friendship, is determined to make sure Ray never leaves.

For the movie's executive producer, Simon Johnston, it provided a welcome return to the Island, where he produced the psychological chiller Appetite in February last year.

Simon explained: 'Sunshine is an action film with a certain amount of violence, but it's also a relationship film about the two cousins. The story is one of very mixed emotions and one in which you get to like the characters.

'By the end of the movie you want Ray to go straight. But I'm not giving anything away.'

Goldie (centre) celebrates a hit on a rival gang as David Bowie and Goldie's bodyguard (local actor Tony Wright) look on

Simon says distributed are already attached in several countries but not as yet in the UK.

He said 'We've got interest in the UK but we're waiting for the film to be finished before listening to offers.

'It's going to be very big. I've seen the initial rushes and my belief is that this will be the biggest film the Isle of Man has done so far.

'We've had a lot of national media interest and we'll have a trailer ready for its launch at the Cannes Film Festival next month.

'Obviously a lot of the interest was because of David Bowie, but also because of Goldie, who is extremely popular at the moment, and their involvement has meant it's been a very high profile film indeed.'

With Appetite, which stars Trevor Eve, set for a UK release in September and Everybody Loves Sunshine now in the can, Simon is looking ahead to two more projects he hopes to bring to the Island.

The first is a love story called Dare, which he describes as 'young, very hip, fast-paced and very exciting'.

The second is Alice Through The Looking Glass, which will be a traditional retelling of the Lewis Carroll story.

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