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Overall, this film was extremely well done. Julian Schnabel's portrayal of his friend Jean-Michel Basquiat was very moving and down to earth. Jeffery Wright was magnificent as the inspired Jean-Michel Basquiat, and the physical resemblance between Wright and the real Basquiat is striking.

"...portrayed with great charm, but not much complexity, by accomplished young stage actor Jeffery Wright."
-Calgary Herald, November 1996

Dennis Hopper was fairly good in the role of Bruno Bischofberger, the art dealer.....and as Warhol's gofer :-). Gary Oldman's performance was slightly better.

And now, to David Bowie, who pulled off a stunning performance as pop artist Andy Warhol. You wouldn't know the difference between the two. He played Andy so well, that most people won't even think of him as anyone but Andy Warhol. Bowie was Andy, from the wig and clothes, to the very mannerisms that Andy possessed.

"...but, it's David Bowie that steals scenes as Andy Warhol. It's an appropriate portrait by someone who once sang about Andy, and mixed with his "crazy-as-a-fox" crowd. Bowie whines with great conviction in wig and glasses."
-Calgary Herald, November 1996

The film is sad, but there are some interesting parts. The scene showing Basquiat mourning for Andy Warhol was very good. They showed mixed footage of Warhol (Bowie) and Basquiat, and within the clips was footage of the real Andy Warhol.

I would recommend this film to all. My local paper (the Calgary Herald, as you may have well guessed!) gave Basquiat 3 stars. I must say that it deserves 4 stars out of five. (Rated Mature, at least in Canada :-))

Reviewed by Alys



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