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BowieNet Troubleshooting

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Important Telephone Numbers
BowieNet Tech Support: (800) 424-0549
Ultrastar Tech Support: (800) 567-STAR
David Bowie Direct Line: just kidding

  1. I've tried to sign up for the premium content multiple times, and each time it tells me to come back later. I try again, and it tells me my username is already taken!

    When the registration process says "Come back later", it means just that. It takes about 15-30 minutes for your username registration to go through and become active. If you try and sign up again and again, you will be charged for each account you create!! If this has happened to you, you'll need to call BowieNet Technical Support and ask them to cancel the erroneous registrations.

  2. When I try to sign up from the CD-ROM using the Dial Up Network wizard, it fails to connect even though I've typed in my username and password correctly.

    When the Concentric Dial Up Network wizard asks for a username, it really wants you to type your username followed by '@davidbowie.com'. If you just type your username, it will fail to connect.

  3. I can't get any of the RealPlayer files to play! I'm using Internet Explorer 4.0 on a Macintosh.

    Internet Explorer 4 on a Macintosh has a serious bug in that it ignores the file type information returned by the web server, and instead uses only the file extension. BowieNet uses a unique method of returning the RealPlayer file (technically, it uses a script which has an HTML extension but returns a correctly MIME typed RealAudio URL) which confuses IE 4.0 on the Mac into thinking it's a plain HTML file. Thus, you get just the RealPlayer file location returned in a window in the browser instead of the correct operation which is to start up the RealPlayer.

    Workaround: Use Netscape Navigator instead of Internet Explorer.
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