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Q: What's the difference between the $19.95/month BowieNet VPN and $5.95 Premium Content option?

A: The $19.95/month option is a complete replacement for your current dial-up Internet Service Provider using the network resources of Concentric Networks, a widely respected Internet provider. You'll get a dial-up number, your own "yourname@davidbowie.com" email address, unlimited access (no time limits or per hour charges) as well as access to all of the exclusive BowieNet content.

The $5.95/month Premium Content is for those people who don't want to, or can't change their current Internet Service Provider. You'll get a login name and password which will allow you access to the exclusive content, but you don't get dial-up access or your own email address.

Q: Do I get the CD-ROM with the unreleased Fun track if I sign up for the $5.95/month option?

A: No, Fun and the two videos from Madison Square Garden in 1997 are only on the CD-ROM distributed to full $19.95/month BoiweNet VPN members.

Q: I don't own a credit card. Can I still sign up for BowieNet?

A: Currently no. Ultrastar is looking into accepting other forms of payment on a longer term basis (e.g. prepaid for a number of months)

Q: Does Bowie really write his own journal entries?

A: Absolutely yes, according to Ron Roy of Ultrastar.

Q: Does Bowie really write the answers to the questions posed in the Ask David section?

A: Once again, absolutely and unequivocally yes, according to Ron Roy of Ultrastar.

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