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"I welcome all you web travellers to the first community driven Internet site that focuses on music, film, literature, painting and more, where you can interact with all the members of our adventurous new project, knowing that this is an on-growing builder, added to constantly, and that you will definitely be entertained (sometimes unwittingly).

The purpose of BowieNet is interactivity and community - plain and clear - everybody has a voice. We have terrific partners so the services and hopefully your experiences at BowieNet will reflect everyone's commitment to excellence. So - let's go - mouse rules, okay!"

David Bowie
BowieNet Home Page
September 1, 1998

BowieNet is Bowie's foray into the world of an online community web site.

Launched on September 1, 1998, the so-called "boutique" Internet Service Provider offers fans a wealth of riches from the immense archives Bowie has accumulated over the years, including audio tracks, lyrics and videos from all of Bowie's albums, never-before-seen family album photographs, a weekly journal in which Bowie gives updates on his day-to-day activities, exclusive art, contests, and a chance to chat and post messages for Bowie to see.

Subscribers to BowieNet have two methods of gaining access:

For more information on the content and a recommendation, read the review.

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