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Your privacy is always of utmost concern at Teenage Wildlife

To address concerns of those who wish to be registered to be able to vote but still remain anonymity, we've taken the following steps:

  1. All new and existing users have their profiles hidden unless they explicitly choose otherwise. When a profile is hidden, nobody else except you can see or find it. You have to deliberately edit your entry and unhide it to make it available for others to see.
  2. Once you make your profile available for others to see, by default the only information revealed about you is your nickname, your gender and your location (which you can also remove if desired). Your real name (if supplied) and your email address are still hidden. You have the option of making either of these available for other Teenage Wildlifers to see in your profile, or you can keep them hidden.
  3. All other information is entirely optional. For example, you can choose to leave empty any fields that you don't want to let other people know. This is particularly useful for the Birthday field where you can enter a day and a month, but you don't have to enter a year (for those of you worried about revealing how many lines you really have on your face :)).
  4. If you have any other questions about the privacy, or are worried about something, please email us.

Create My Entry: OK, I'm happy with this. Let me start creating my entry (registered users only).

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