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Registered Users
Registered users get additional benefits at Teenage Wildlife such as voting, secure posts and free email! Go to the registered users gateway page to register as a new user, or to check into your existing account.
Fan Registry new
Find out the juicy details on your fellow Teenage Wildlife registered fans in the Fan Registry. If you're registered, you can add your own profile including your picture, favourite albums and songs, and other sundry details.
Conversation Piece
Intelligent discussion in moderated forums. Come experience a little Conversation Piece.
Classified Ads
Want to post your own ad for Bowie albums, singles, videos, general memorabilia? Visit the Teenage Wildlife Classifieds page to enter a Buy, Sell or Trade advertisement.
Caveat emptor!
Ever wanted to show off how much you know about Bowie? Well, now you can in two different lyric-placing contests. One's updated daily, the other every time you visit it. Try them out!
Visitors can vote at Teenage Wildlife in two ways:
Have some news you want to share? Want to lead a discussion about which was Bowie's best album? His worst album? Just want to see what other visitors to Teenage Wildlife are talking about. Then visit the guestbook area where you can just browse, or leave a note.
Would you rather talk in real-time to other fans? The Chat page uses the IRC protocol to let fans from around the world talk to each other about whatever Bowie topic might come up.
Fan Contributions
Want a place to showcase your Bowie-related drawings/paintings, short stories or other form of art. Just want to see what other fans have come up with? Then visit the Fan Contributions page.
Private Feedback
Want to send a private note to me about the site? Have some ideas for improvements, gripes, gasp...even compliments? Then you can always:

Email me

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Add information to the Teenage Wildlife site.
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