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Bowie in the Isle of Man

Gordon Fairweather
Email: fairweather@MCB.NET

Gordon is a resident of the Isle of Man who is also a big Bowie fan. He was first to alert Teenage Wildlife that Bowie would be shooting the film Everybody Loves Sunshine there during the month of March.

Bowie was more than happy to greet and sign the picture above for Gordon. Gordon also got these few snaps of Bowie during on the set, including a rare picture of Bowie stuffing his face.

The local power station was made up to look like a prison, the rest outside a bank. A bit of trivia. When the two jaguars are next to each other the registration plates spell warlords and when filming one shot, the first jaguar reversed into the one behind carrying David (by accident). No panic. Bowie was not hurt - just a bent bumper and light damage.

Bowie Bowie Bowie
Bowie Bowie Bowie
Bowie Bowie
Coco on the right

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