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Meeting Tin Machine (cont...)

by Bruce

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Bruce, Reeves and David

Well we have only heard of this happening once before. Apparently David did this during the recording of the Young Americans album. But we never thought that it would happen to us. David took my phone number but we had our doubts as to whether or not he would actually get in touch with us. But we should never have doubted David because it actually happened.

One Monday afternoon I got a phone call from one of the EMI people working with David. He said that David would like us to come into the studio that night to listen to what they had recorded.

We arrived at 7PM which was the time that we had been asked to arrive. We took the lift to the seventh floor were the studio was located. By the way t he studio was called Studio 301; 301 being the street number of the street were the studio was located. We were shown into a small foyer area where a small party was taking place. This was an end of recording party for the people who had worked with the band during the recording of the second Tin Machine album. We were made to feel welcome and offered drinks and food. Trying not to appear overly anxious we quickly scanned the room and located Mr. Bowie standing next to a table which was set out with sushi and other foods that the band members were apparently fond of.

Occasionally our eyes would meet and he'd smile at us. Finally we got the courage to walk over to the table. As we approached David said that he was glad that we could make it to the party. Was this a dream or what? Standing in the same room as David Bowie, conversing over drinks in a friendly atmosphere. Itís funny that when you finally meet him and he is obviously in a mood to talk to you, you forget the million and one questions that you've been wanting to ask him since you feel in love with his music. It's so hard to talk on a one-to-one basis with the man you have idolised for so long.

After a slow start we finally got a conversation going. We talked about the first Tin Machine album and if David planned to do any more concerts while he was in Australia. He didn't do any more shows by the way.

Finally David suggested that we all go next door to the studio to listen to the album. We listened to about twelve songs in all. There were another seven songs that weren't quite finished yet. Although the songs we heard were only a rough mix, we could still get an idea of how they sounded and we could tell that the second Tin Machine album was going to be a good one.

Whilst we were listening to the album, David was standing in the doorway. He appeared slightly nervous, but occasionally stuck his head in to the room to make a joke. Afterwards we all sat around on the floor and talked with David for about an hour. This is one of those situations which you don't believe is happening. Even when I think about it now it seems like a dream. David talked about how much he was enjoying himself with the band and how he was enjoying recording in Australia because it was so much more relaxed and casual than other countries he had worked in.

After an hour David said that he had to leave. But before he left he made a point of saying good-bye to both of us in person. He shook my hand and gave Julie a kiss on the cheek. I almost had to carry her home. Altogether we were in the same room as David Bowie for about two and a half hours. Afterwards we just wandered around the outside of the building in a daze and didn't want to leave. We had just had an experience above our greatest expectations.

Well that's my story and every word of it is true. The photos attached were taken outside the building. We weren't allowed to take cameras or tape recorders into the actual building. I hope you enjoyed it.

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