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Have you met Bowie in person? Almost met him, but missed out due to some ridiculous reason :-)? Want to tell the rest of the world about it? Then send me your story in email.

Otherwise, just check out some of these stories below: (thanks to Trinia who inspired this section!)

Breakfast with Bowie Aki's breakfast with Bowie in Atlanta, 1997

David Bowie Appreciation Society Anda sent in some photos from David's concert in Russia in 1996

Mike Arrow
Mike visits the Swiss cuckoo clock house Mike makes a visit to Bowie's Swiss residence in Blonay, Vevey

Joseph Bailey
Shoulda Asked for an Autograph Catching a glimpse of Bowie at the Tower Philadelphia

Lynne Barberian
Sound & Vision (My Brush With Greatness) Lynne had an amazing story of a contest, her win, and her subsequent meeting with Bowie on the Sound & Vision tour!

Backstage with Bowie BowieGrrl met Bowie at the Roseland show in 1996

Pierce Brown
Stink On Shit Pierce at the Glass Spider tour in Australia

Meeting Tin Machine Bruce had an extra-special week or so when Tin Machine came to Australia to record their second album. Not only did Bruce get to meet Bowie, he got to party with him!

Cindy Croft
Cindy Croft: KROQ Backstage September 10 1997 Cindy goes through a tremendously involved process but eventually gets tickets to this special performance

Kathleen Donnelly
Meeting David in Manhattan Kathleen met David at an Outside album signing in New York in 1995

Carl Dooley
How to get into a concert without paying Catching Bowie after an Earthling show

Gordon Fairweather
Bowie in the Isle of Man Gordon was on the Isle of Man when Bowie filmed his 1998 appearance as a UK gangster in Everybody Loves Sunshine.

Gilly's Encounters with Bowie Gilly tells of her 'getting older' conversation with Bowie

Jane Gilmartin
Jane Gilmartin meets Bowie Jane was lucky enough to win a radio contest to let her meet with Bowie in person during the 1995 Outside tour

Janet Hull
Rosie O'Donnell Janet and db inform Rosie about Tin Machine

Sigma Kids
Sigma Kids Photos from the Sigma Kids, Philadelphia, 1974

Hallo Spaceboy, Bye-Bye Love Leslie, aka Lodger had a close encounter with David after the St Louis concert during the Outside tour in 1995. It inspired her to write her story and paint a representation of her encounter

Markx2 Mark gets to meet and greet Bowie at the 2000 Roseland Bowienet show

Thinking Dirty Thoughts Mary's brush with the man in San Francisco, 1997

Keeping it in the Family Marz has a family history of close encounters with Bowie, starting in 1974 in Philadelphia and continuing through 1997

Gwin's Confessions of a Secret Admirer A rose by any other name...

Lesley Mueller
Backstage with David Lesley writes of her encounter with David during the Sound and Vision tour in 1990, during which she went backstage before the concert, and had a one-on-one meeting with the man himself

Jessica N.
My Close Encounter with the Rock God Jessica had a close encounter with the Rock God at Fort Apache Studios, April 8, 1997

Antoine Poncelet
I Met David Bowie Antoine met David twice, once in 1995 and again in 1996 at the allroom shows

Arts and Crafts Rachel found that David has a fondness for hand-crafted blankets :)

Close Encounter with a Superman RaMOANa dreams about and then meets the man!

Trinia del Rosario
Postcard from Europe Trinia tells her tale of her European Bowie tour

Eric Slim
How I Met David Bowie Eric met Bowie after the concert at Utrecht, Netherlands in January 1996. Actually, he had to chase Bowie in his car all the way to Amsterdam (50 km from the concert) and then cope with a frozen camera

Close but no Cigar So close, but not quite there. A chance to see Bowie goes awry.

Vincenzo Tanferna
Please may I use this ticket? Bowie wins a fan for life by honouring a Gisborne 2000 ticket

Maria Tsodokova
Loving a Star Maria has a delightful story about her meeting with Bowie, and she's a very talented singer in her own right!

Kirill Vertyaev
Bowie in Moscow Kirill's meeting with Bowie as part of the Russian fan club

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