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Bowie Trivia Quiz
Think you're a Bowie expert? Try your hand at the new online Bowie trivia quiz. Select your level of difficulty:
Easy Medium Hard

Esprit CD Giveaways!
Esprit Ltd, seller of rare and collectible CD/vinyl, has graciously provided Teenage Wildlife with rare Bowie CDs to give away in monthly contests.

Check to see what's on offer this month!

Guess the lyric contest
How much of a Bowie fan are you? Think you know the words to every song he's ever done? Well, pick your brains in the daily lyric contest.


Can't get enough of the lyrics? Go try the on-the-fly lyric contest!

Too easy? Try the even harder on-the-fly lyric contest.

Lyric of the Day!
Do you know which Bowie song the following quote comes from? Click here to find out!
Well they came down hard on the faggots
And they came down hard on the street
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