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Now you can chat to other Bowie fanatics right here at Teenage Wildlife using IRC clients such as mIRC, PIRCH and ircle, or if you have a machine which runs a decent version of Java. If you have no idea what an "irc client" is, then you probably need to use the Java chat interface. This doesn't support as many features as the irc clients, but you can access it using most modern browsers such as Netscape and Internet Explorer.

Java-Based Chat

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IMPORTANT: The first time you start Java chat, it will ask you to "Grant" or "Accept" a request from the applet to be able to communicate with the network. If you do not grant or accept the request, then you will not be able to chat.

Conventional IRC Clicents
If you're using a standard irc client such as
mIRC (for Windows) or ircle (for Macintosh), then we are located on the following channel:

CHANNEL: #DavidBowie

If you don't have DALNet already set up in your IRC client, visit the DALNet Server page to find the closest server.

The chat room seems to be most busy in mid-to-late evening East Coast time, from around 9 p.m. EST to 1 a.m. EST, any day of the week! European residents tend to make it a little earlier in the day :)

Looking for conventional IRC clients?

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