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David Bowie's 50th Birthday Card!

"Forget that I'm 50, cause you just got paid"

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January 8 1997
The first virtual fan club birthday card on the net

January 8, 1997 was David Bowie's 50th birthday! To celebrate this occasion, Teenage Wildlife put together a virtual birthday card for registered users. This card can still be seen here in virtual form , and a printed copy was sent to David in time for his 50th birthday. The birthday greetings were later featured live at David's 50th Birthday Benefit Bash at Madison Square Garden, January 9, 1997

If you have a fast connection, you may want to download the entire page of birthday wishes.

Sorry, we are no longer accepting any new birthday greetings. Maybe for David's 60th ;)


Final Printed Version

Through the wonders of Adobe's Portable Distribution Format, also known as .pdf files, you can now download the entire printed version of the card as it was sent to David! To do this you will first need to download Adobe's Acrobat Reader application:

Follow the directions for installing the Acrobat Reader, and then click on the following link to download the entire birthday card in .pdf format:

Download the birthday card (.pdf)
Warning: 2.0MB in size (this will take a while to download!)
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