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Erdal Kizilcay

Erdal Kizilcay is a multitalented musician who has worked with David Bowie on a number of projects, starting with the When The Wind Blows soundtrack and including Never Let Me Down, The Buddha of Suburbia, Outside. He also worked with David and Iggy on Blah Blah Blah.

Erdal has kindly allowed me to publish his email address. He would like to hear from fans of his work as a solo artist and with David. You can reach Erdal at:


Erdal has just released a new solo album (in Turkish) called Fahrünisa.


  1. Köprü Alti
  2. Yallah
  3. Sisli Duragi
  4. Bugün
  5. Fahrünisa
  6. Gel
  7. Çok Zor
  8. Kazim
  9. Kolye
  10. Anadolu

Fahrünisa will hopefully be distributed through Polygram, but at the moment is only available in Turkey, at the following address:

RAKS Muzik YapIm
San.Ve Tic.A.S.
I.6.Blok No:6303
Tel:  90.212.512.59.89
Fax:  90.212.512.62.24M
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