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November 1, 1999

Transcript by Bonster

The following are highlights of the questions and answers, not the entire show verbatim. Tony Visconti was sitting in on the show as well. Thanks to Bonster who typed these all in!

Q: Are you still working with Reeves Gabrels

A: Reeves decided he had to finish the album that he got involved with a few months ago because he had a deadline for late Oct. beginning of November and as we weren't touring this year we kind of decided to let that happen and I'd carry on, on my own, actually started working with Page Hamilton from the band Helmet? (do you know that?) no answer from the listener (tough to two-way talk on radio) anyway.. "Reeves and I will be getting back together when we both finish our respective works of the moment!"

Tony Visconti and Bowie talk about Rustic Overtones.

"They're a terrific band, the album comes out February (?) check in with DavidBowie.com and you'll get all the details there."

After a dumb question about "if the young guy in TC video is really going to play Bowie" in all future videos came a question referring to an interview where Bowie supposedly said that he doesn't like any of the music he recorded in the 80s. AND what is his most underrated album?

Bowie: No that's not true. There's a lot of stuff in the 80s that I liked a lot, I liked the Tin Machine work, Absolute Beginners work, Let's Dance, Scary Monsters. As far as the underrated album is the one that's not heard a lot, Buddah of Suburbia.

Q from DJ: Story going around for years that the reason Stevie Ray Vaughan wasn't called back because he was asking too much money??

Bowie: Not at all, he was rehearsing with me for about two months before going out on the road and unfortunately he had a shiester of a manager at the time (and some bad people?) and for one reason or another I decided it wasn't going to work out, but fortunately we got to know each other again just before he died.. Wonderful guy, wonderful player and in the last years of his life in great form and so happy to play.

Q: Do you miss the early days of play in the clubs, vs the larger venues of today

Bowie: Actually, I've gone back to the clubs, I do prefer at every opportunity, whether people want me to or not I'll turn up to a club. I'm doing a couple of clubs while I'm in town the next couple of weeks.

DJ: Well, Paul Stanley from Kiss was on Rockline last week and he left this question: "Hi David, in terms of emphasis when you were first starting out, were you bringing music to your love of theater or were you bringing theater to your love of music."

B: (excerpted) I think I was bringing Theater to my love of music. I had an idea of what rock could do. It could be some kind of theatrical version of rock I hadn't seen before. I thought I was going to write musicals.

Tony Visconti: When I first met David he was doing more theater than music, working with Lindsey Kemp and in the film Virgin Soldiers.

Bowie: I was messing around the fringe, I didn't really think I was going to perform (music?) that much.

DJ: If there hadnt been a Davy Jones would you have changed your name?

Bowie: (laughs) I'd probably still be David Jones... I was actually Tom Jones for two weeks between David Jones and David Bowie!

Q: Are you thinking of releasing a compilation of any of the (old) outtakes and what songs?

B: I think I've got everything I've ever recorded on demo and otherwise since about 1966, for some reason through the ups and downs of life I seem to have kept all those demos, I've got everything, and I hope to put out some compilations in a few years time of just about everything. (jokes around about old radio shows with Visconti)

Q: What purpose did TM serve in your career and if TM will get together again "cause they were the best"

B: "for me personally it was the most sensible thing I did coming out of the 80s cause it put me on course again for the kind of work I ended up doing in the 90s which for me personally I've written to the best of my abilities I think throughout the 90s I'm very pleased with what I've done (and don't think I would have got to that state if I hadn't kinda cleared my (decks?) personally) without Tin Machine. So TM was very important to my life. I don't think we'll ever be getting back together again. There were a couple of personal problems in the band, but the positive result is Reeves and I have spent ten really great years working and writing together - all things have their place in life you know (DJ: You've really formed a good partnership with him) Bowie: He's a wonderful guitar player and a great writer.

Q: Out of all your music videos what is your fav and fav musician turned actor

Bowie: Frank Sinatra. Favorite video is a 9 minute clip that Julian Temple did with Tin Machine (I think he said it was never shown)

Q: Where do you see your web site going, do you see yourself producing web sites for other people?

Bowie : A strip web site, that's where it's going for me (joking around for a bit)

DJ: Do you do all the web site stuff yourself or do you have people?

B: (tongue in check) I do all my own, sure, right.

Bowie mentioned at the end that someone had earlier asked a question about the "next thing I'm dong"

He said "Tony and I are working on the first thing that we've done together as an album since 1980, we really want to see if we remember how each other works. it's gong to be very exciting (year?"

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