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Mark & Lard Show

BBC Radio One
October 25, 1999

Bowie performed five songs (having to argue with the show's producers to fit a fifth one in; most guests are restricted to just three songs).

  1. Survive
  2. Drive In Saturday
  3. Something In The Air
  4. Can't Help Thinking About Me
  5. Repetition

Here's a brief report from Ads

I went to the BBC radio One Mark & Lard show today. DB sang 5 songs.

DB actually had to argue a bit with the show's people to squeeze the 5th one in. I'm not complaining. Several fans won the entire re-issues from EMI (one by a raffle and the other on by recognising bits of DB's songs)

Bowie participated throuhout the 2 hour show, sometime by adding comments, also with a 5-7 mins interview. He played one song each half hour approx except the last two one together at the end.

Duncan and Coco were there as well but no Iman.

Several friends of his were there two as he distributed hugs to a group of people. One was pregnant, another was a 14/15 year old.

He was really nice & jokey, dancing around when the hosts played a song he liked, sending ciggies to the audience and being very very nice in general . After the end of the sow he signed a lot of autographs and posed with fans for photos.

He wore a colourful deep brown and green shirt, a black coat, very dark grey trousers and leather shoes (not the big boots). His sideburns seem to be getting longer every day!

Two hours locked in a studio with Bowie: Great!

More comments from another attendee

The "friend" in the studio was Warren Peace - yes, the Warren Peace. Bowie introduced him saying some us us might know him. Obviously your previous reporter is not old enough to remeber him! I believe the teenage girl was his daughter and his pregnant wife was there too. Bowie, Warren and Mike garson had quite a long chat between numbers, no doubt reminiscing on the old days.

Bowie was in excellent form. He chatted, signed autographs and posed for pics for quite some time on thw way in and was very receptive to arranging for the "die-hards" without tickets to get in. About 10 of us got in at his specific request. Thanks David!

He was really jokey during the show when other records were being played. At one pointed he danced around the studio with Gail.

During the competition, while they were playing the snatches of songs which had to be guessed by the contestants he shrugged his shoulders and mouthed up at the audience on the gallery "what the f***s that?" to "Ashes to Ashes", which was being played backwards.

When Joe (or is he now being called Duncan?) arrived Bowie went over a gave him a big hug which was rather sweet.

When the show finished Bowie stayed at the bottom of the staircase where we were all descending and signed more autographs, had more pictures taken, etc etc. And he did it again when he left the studio, some one and a half foot-aching hours later!

It was a vintage performance. Only one criticism, David - lose the coat, it looked like it came from Oxfam!

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