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January, 2001

Radio January 15, 2001, 09:30, The Music Mix, BBC World Service, Earth new Link
Part 2 of this two part documentary with an exclusive interview with Bowie

Radio January 8, 2001, 09:30 GMT, Music Mix: David Bowie at the BBC, BBC World, Earth new Link
A half hour program celebrating Bowie's birthday

December, 2000

Radio December 31, 2000, 20:15, Bowie At The Kit Kat Klub 1999, Radio France 87.9FM, France new Link
The complete concert at the Kit Kat Klub in November 1999 will be broadcast on French radio 87.9FM.

June, 2000

Radio June 18, 2000, 17:40 GMT, Maps For The Future, BBC Radio 4, UK new Link
Three programmes celebrating speeches of inspiration and entertainment from graduation ceremonies. As they receive honorary degrees, writer Edna O'Brien and pop legend David Bowie share the wisdom of their experiences with graduates.

March, 2000

Radio March 25, 2000, 19:00 GMT, David Bowie Interview: Part III, BBC Radio Two, UK new Link
Part 3 of a three part original documentary and interview with Bowie and many of his cohorts and collaborators.

Radio March 18, 2000, 19:00 GMT, David Bowie Interview: Part II, BBC Radio Two, UK new Link
Part 2 of a three part original documentary and interview with Bowie and many of his cohorts and collaborators.

Radio March 11, 2000, 19:00, Golden Years - The David Bowie Story, BBC Radio 2, UK new Link
Golden Years The David Bowie Story - New series.David Bowie tells his story in an extensive interview given exclusively for this three-part series on BBC Radio 2, presented by Mark Goodier Includes interviews with legendary producer Gus Dudgeon, Rick Wakeman, Boy George and Tony Visconti.

February, 2000

Radio February 6, 2000, 23:00 EST, David Bowie Up Close with Dan Neer, Q104FM New York, USA new Link
Part 3 of a three part interview featuring music from hours..., music from the past and current interviews with David.

January, 2000

Radio January 30, 2000, 23:00 EST, David Bowie Up Close with Dan Neer, Q104FM New York, USA new Link
Part 2 of a three part interview featuring music from hours..., music from the past and current interviews with David.

Radio January 2, 2000, 18:15 CET, Paris Montmartre concert, RTL, France new Link
The Paris Elysee Montmartre concert from October will be aired on French radio station RTL.

November, 1999

Radio November 6, 1999, 16:00, Saturday Music Mix, BBC Radio Two, UK new Link
Bowie is mentioned as "making an appearance" on Radio Two for their Saturday Music Mix show, hosted by Billy Bragg. No word on whether this is live or recorded (although Bowie die record some performances during his last jaunt late last month)

Radio November 1, 1999, 23:00 ET, Rockline, various, USA new Link
Bowie will be the guest on the 1000th edition of Rockline, a popular syndicated radio show where the guest is interviewed about their recent release.

October, 1999

Radio October 25, 1999, 14:00 GMT, Mark and Lard Show, BBC Radio One, UK new Link
Bowie will appear on the Mark and Lard show on BBC Radio One, Monday, October 25 between 2 and 6 p.m. to interview and play live in the studio. You can listen in live on BBC Radio One's feed.

Radio October 3, 1999, 22:30 ET, Modern Rock Live, Various, USA new Link
Bowie will be the guest on the live call-in show "Modern Rock Live", which airs on many local alternative radio stations. Check the link for a list of stations near you.

July, 1999

Radio July 16, 1999, 21:00, People Get Ready - David Bowie, RTE Radio 1, Ireland new 
One of Ireland's foremost music writers, Joe Jackson, continues his "People Get Ready" series in which he assesses the careers of the most important performers of the twentieth century on Friday, July 16, at 9 PM on RTE Radio 1. This week the spotlight is on Bowie. The programme lasts an hour.

January, 1999

Radio January 31, 1999, 17:00 GMT, Nicky Horne Show, TalkRadio, UK new Link
Bowie was interviewed (and webcast live on BowieNet) by Nicky Horne.

January, 1998

Radio January 29, Morning Show, WHFS, Baltimore-Washington new 
Bowie and Gabrels appeared live from New York on the WHFS morning show. They played I Can't Read, but had to stop halfway through a second song because of technical difficulties. Bowie said the Philadelphia Museum of Art is one of his favourites because it has most of Duchamp's important work, and reiterated his claim that he won't be touring for 2-3 years.

December, 1997

Radio December 6, 1997, Almost Acoustic Christmas, KROQ LA, USA new Link
Live radio broadcast of Bowie's appearance at the Los Angeles KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas show.

November, 1997

Radio November 7, 1997, 12:00, Rock & Pop FM, Buenos Aires, Argentina new 
Bowie & Gabrels performed a short live acoustic set at the Recoleta Cultural Centre for about 150 people. Songs performed were Always Crashing In The Same Car, I Can't Read and The Supermen

October, 1997

Radio October 17, 1997, 15:00, WXPN 88.5FM, Philadelphia, USA new 
WXPN in Philadelphia will broadcast David's interview and studio session recorded October 2 at Sigma Sound.

Radio October 16, 1997, 19:00, Interview with Bowie, 93XRT FM , Chicago new Link
Bowie will perform in 93XRT's studios in Chicago, probably in the afternoon. You can enter for tickets at local Tower stores.

September, 1997

Radio September 30, 1997, 15:00, WBCN 104.1FM, Boston, MA new 
Bowie will appear live on WBCN 104.1FM for presumably another of his acoustic performances/interviews.

Radio September 26, 1997, 18:00, 102.1FM The Edge, Toronto, Canada new Link
Bowie was interviewed at 6 p.m. EDT on The Edge 102.1FM, Toronto. He played Always Crashing in the Same Car, I Can't Read. Then offered the audience a choice of C&W Scary Monsters and Supermen, the latter of which won.

Radio September 25, 1997, 18:00, Interview with Bowie, CHOM 97.7FM, Montreal, Canada new Link
On Thursday, September 25th, CHOM-FM presents Live from Studio One, a special radio event with David Bowie, live in the CHOM studios at 6:00 p.m. David Bowie and Reeves Gabrels performed acoustic versions of Always Crashing In The Same Car, Scary Monsters, and Dead Man Walking.

Radio September 22, 1997, 08:00, WHYT 96.3 FM, Detroit new 
Bowie is scheduled to appear on Detroit's WHYT 96.3FMon the "Johnny in the Morning" show

Radio September 16, 1997, 15:00, KFOG 97.7FM, San Francisco new Link
An interview and acoustic appearance is scheduled for 3 p.m. on Tuesday on San Francisco's KFOG.

Radio September 10, 1997, 16:00, KROQ 106.7, Los Angeles new 
Bowie was interviewed and performed acoustic versions ofAlways Crashing In The Same Car, I Can't Read, The Supermen (first verse) seguing into Dead Man Walking, and finally Scary Monsters (the Johnny Cash version) on KROQ 106.7.

Radio September 9, 1997, 07:00, Johnny Steele Breakfast Show, Live 105, San Francisco new Link
Bowie performed live at Slimsfor Live 105. Bowie and Gabrels performed acoustic versions of Always Crashing In The Same Car, I Can't Read, Dead Man Walking and the country & western version of Scary Monsters.

Radio September 8, 1997, 09:00, KMTT, Seattle, WA new Link
Bowie & Gabrels played acoustic versions of Dead Man Walking, Always Crashing In The Same Car and Scary Monsters

Radio September 8, 1997, 08:00, Breakfast Show, 107.7 The End, Seattle new 
Bowie & Gabrels performed acoustic versions of Scary Monsters (Country & Western version), I Can't Read, and Always Crashing In The Same Car

Radio September 5, 1997, 07:00, Z95.3 FM, Vancouver, Canada new 
Bowie & Gabrels performed a live brief appearance on Vancouver's Z95.3 FM. Acoustic setlist consisted of Always Crashing In The Same Car, Dead Man Walking and I Can't Read.

August, 1997

Radio August 15, 1997, 07:00, Breakfast Show, Virgin Radio UK, UK new 
David is scheduled to be a guest on the Ross & Johno Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio UK, from 7 - 10 a.m. (UK time). You may also be able to pick this up via RealAudio from Virgin Radio UK's web site.

July, 1997

Radio July 11, 1997, 21:00, RTL 102.5, Italy new 
Italian radio station RTL 102.5 broadcast three songs from the Arbatax concert. They were Hallo Spaceboy, Looking for Satellites and Little Wonder.

June, 1997

Radio June 22, 1997, 20:00, Radio 3FM, Holland new 
Radio 3FM broadcast a recording of the Paradiso concert from June 10! Tracks were Quicksand / Seven Years In Tibet / Fashion / Fame / Looking For Satellites / Telling Lies / Hallo Spaceboy / Stay / Little Wonder

April, 1997

Radio April 17, 1997, 07:00, Mark Radcliffe Breakfast Show, BBC Radio 1, UK new Link
Bowie appeared live on the Mark Radcliffe Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 1 between 7 and 9 a.m. on Thursday 17 April.

Radio April 13, 1997, In The Studio, US syndication, USA new 
David appeared on a syndicated radio show In The Studio in the US to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the release of The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars.

Radio April 8, 1997, 07:00, 99X, USA new Link
Atlanta radio station 99X broadcast the appearance of Bowie early in the morning for select 99X listeners.

Radio April 8, 1997, 18:00, WBCN, USA new Link
Boston radio station WBCN broadcast the select appearance of Bowie in the Fort Apache recording studios, Cambridge, MA.

March, 1997

Radio March 16, 1997, 1997, Triple J, Australia new 
Australian radio station Triple J aired an interview with Bowie on their "1997" program on Sunday March 16.

Radio March 10, 1997, Up Close, Various, USA new 
"Up Close", a nationally syndicated radio program from Media America distributed a 3 part/3 hour program titled "David Bowie:Up Close". It's an indepth profile of the David's life and music and is based on interviews starting back in the early 1980's all the way up to an interview Dan Neer of WNEW New York did with David in February of 1997. That interview covers just about everything anybody would want to know about "Earthling". David Bowie:Up Close also contains interviews with John Lennon( on "Fame"), Brian May ("Under Pressure") and Billy Corgan on his appearance at David's recent 50th Birthday gig in NYC. Up Close was aired on two consecutive weeks beginning the week of 3/10/97.

Radio March 7, 1997, World Cafe, WXPN, USA new 
David was interviewed via telephone from Hollywood by David Dye, host of a show called World Cafe on WXPN (a station in Philadelphia). This show is also in limited syndication and may have been heard elsewhere. The interview was about one hour long, consisting of about 30 minutes of interview and the rest tracks mostly from Earthling.

Radio March 3, 1997, 23:30, RockLine, USA new 
David appeared on the syndicated radio show Rockline to talk about his Earthling album

February, 1997

Radio February 20, 1997, Interview, KCRW 89.9FM, USA new Link
Santa Monica radio station KCRW broadcast a 45 minute RealAudio interview with David (go to the site, and use the list at the bottom of the window to select Bowie) about the Earthling album. It includes the full versions of some of the Earthling songs.

Radio February 18, 1997, 12:00, French Fun Radio, France new 
Adeline Cantais informed me of a Bowie appearance on French radio. A tradition of the programme is they phone their guest at 8 a.m. in their hotel to wake them up and have a little surprise chat. They called David and put some sound effect of water running and asked him to sing as if he were in the shower. He sang a few bars of Blue Moon and then pretended to have lost his soap, and trying to find it again. The D.J.'s were so impressed by his cool relaxed attitude that they talked about it for hours afterwards.

Radio February 14, 1997, 00:00, Radio Galatz, Israel new Link
Radio Galatz played a two hour Bowie special on February 14th at 24:00 Israel time (23:00 GMT), including Earthling songs and an exclusive interview which you can read here!

Radio February 9, 1997, 20:30 ET, WCBN 104.1 Boston, USA new 
WCBN Boston, 93.3FM in Philly and other radio stations in the "Album network" broadcast special Bowie hours on Sunday, February 9. The show was sourced from BBC Radio 1's Birthday special (with the same interviewer as on the ChangesNowBowie program [see below]), but included some tracks from Earthling and from the birthday concert.

January, 1997

Radio January 25, 1997, 00:00, O-Zone, BBC2, UK new 
David was a guest on BBC2's O-zone program, talking about the upcoming Earthling album.

Radio January 8, 1997, 21:00 GMT, ChangesNowBowie, Radio One, UK new Link
Radio 1 in the U.K. aired a special hour (called ChangesNowBowie) of exclusive acoustic performances of classic Bowie tracks together with best wishes for Bowie from other famous musicians.

December, 1996

Radio December 28, 1996, 19:20 GMT, Kaleidoscope, Radio 4, UK new 
As David Bowie prepares to hit 50, Kaleidoscope profiles the man who has variously been Ziggy Stardust, the Thin White Duke, and The Man Who Fell to Earth. The programme explores his recent fascination with the visual arts and assesses his musical legacy.

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