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from Dara O'Kearney, translated by Mireille O'Kearney.
Marco is a free magazine for young savers published by a German bank.

The youngest oldster in the pop business is probably David Bowie. 50 years old and not even a little rusty. Marco tells us about the living legend.

No Living Jukebox

It is something special when a 50 years old musician, in these quickly changing times of electronic dance music, brings out imaginative and meaningful albums instead of resting on the laurels of his past.

For example David Bowie: He recorded his first album at a time when most of the current producers of Jungle-Techno and House were not even born, and he has deeply impressed most of the youngsters of the genre with his new album "Earthling". On the album, Bowie skilfully combines Drum'n Base beats, sample loops and Ambient-passages with classic hard rock and his expressive voice, showing that despite his rock veteran age, he belongs to the creative top of the music genre. "Now that I am fifty, I would like to find out what can be achieved by a fifty year old rock musician", the smart Bowie tells us with a big smirk, "Because I'll be damned if I will wander along like a living jukebox and a pile of older songs. I would shrivel like an old plum." Yet Bowie fans can be relieved: there is no danger of that now, because the man who had already written history with songs like "Space Oddity" and "Heroes", has since discovered modern electronic dance music. Bowie: "At the beginning of the nineties they were playing this new music in London, Jungle or Drum'n Bass, and I liked it so much that I wanted to do something in that direction."

So the music veteran got the young Beat pups A Guy Called Gerald and Adam F into the studio and learned from them some of the modern sampling handiwork. "For me the combination of techno and real instruments is very satisfying" says Bowie, " It gives a lot of freedom on stage and loads of power like a fat massive sub-sonic base for example". Still, this style is for the "strong-willed artist" just one of many. "I don't stand there and say Drum'n'Base above all - I am not hardcore enough for this", he emphasises.

Not only with the modern beats, but also with modern technology is Bowie bang up to date. That's why Bowie's crew had already released the breakbeat tiger "Telling Lies" from the new album on the internet, before the release of the album, as a taster for the fans, so to speak. He also wants to present himself live to them, in a totally unusual environment, for a fifty years old. "They invited us to techno raves in Europe", announces Bowie, who continues to keep a close eye on everything that's happening musically.

"I am terribly curious and absolutely want to hear the work of other artists. I can't imagine myself, at some stage, not being creative any more, because I am very, very happy with what I do".

With such a search for action, the man will certainly always remain fresh and innovative in the future, with open eyes and ears. So, there is no reason for the legions of his fans to worry. Teenage Wildlife Home Page Bowie's music Info on Bowie Other Media Have your say! Search the Site Help me!

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