POP interview with David

Swedish rock magazine POP sent Jan Gradwall to New York to interview David in the studio (Right Track Studios, NYC) while he was recording Earthling. Here's a brief summary of the article as sent to me by Peter Birgerstam.

David Bowie has made a jungle album but at the same time he has not made a jungle album. Forthcoming album Earthling is as much punk as jungle. Sometimes it sounds like Prodigy has re-mixed Low, adding new drums and breakbeats. Sometimes it sounds as if Trent Reznor were black with dreadlocks.

And the Man himself says:

"Sure, I like stuff like Photek, but that is actually white jazz, like Weather Report. I also like Goldies atmospheric jungle, but it's a bit to sweet for me. What I am talking about is the actual beginning of jungle from around 1993. That raw stuff that occcured when the rhythms came from the Caribbean and some kids in London found out how to make it ever cooler by adding sub-bass; vibration bass sounds. Have you heard the JB? Not? Screwface? Oh, man, you gotta hear Screwface. Wait, I'll run for a cassette!"
And on it goes. The reporter is amused by meeting this man, almost 50, being enthusiastic as if he were making his first album ever! Now for some shere facts (according to the article):

Among the songs on "Earthling", we will find:


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