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December, 2000

Press December 2, 2000, NME new Link
Bowie is voted the most influential musician by a selection of his peers and grants this interview with the magazine talking about his win.

October, 2000

Press October 1, 2000, GQ (UK edition) new Link
Bowie appears on the cover (one of four separate covers) for his award as most stylish man of 2000. There's also an interview inside.

Press October 1, 2000, Bust new Link
Iman interviews David for the Fall 2000 'Men We Love' edition of Bust magazine.

September, 2000

Press September 19, 2000, Hello new Link
A world exclusive of Bowie, Iman and baby Alexandria in theSeptember 19, 2000 edition of Hello! magazine

August, 2000

Press August 28, 2000, People new Link
Bowie and Iman are featured on the cover in People's "Baby Bonanza" special. A short story about the birth of Alexandria Zahra Jones runs inside.

Press August 1, 2000, Yahoo! Internet Life new Link
The August 2000 issue has a bundled CD which includes Quicktime videos for I'm Afraid of Americans and a live performance of Seven from the November 1999 television appearance on MusiquePlus in Canada.

July, 2000

Press July 28, 2000, Bowie At The Beeb Press Release new Link
Official US press release announcing Bowie At The Beeb

Press July 17, 2000, EMI Press Release new Link
Announcement of availability of Bowie's EMI back catalogue in digital download format (both Windows Media and Liquid Audio formats)

June, 2000

Press June 1, 2000, Q Magazine new 
Cash For Questions special issue. Readers submit questions which Bowie answers. Some hilarity ensues.

May, 2000

Press May 9, 2000, David Bowie Live Press Release new Link
The official press release for Bowie's BowieNet members only concert on June 19th, 2000 at the Roseland Ballroom. Also includes information on the deployment of BowieNet version 2

Press May 1, 2000, Record Collector new Link
The May 2000 edition has the "definitive guide to Bowie's early years with the Manish Boys, including previously unpublished photos."

March, 2000

Press March 19, 2000, Melbourne Sunday Herald Sun new Link
An article on Duncan Jones, Bowie's son from his marriage to Angie Barnett.

Press March 19, 2000, New York Times Sunday Magazine new Link
Bowie is featured on the cover and gives an exclusive "Bowie interviews Bowie" on the subject of his fashion through the years for the New York Times Sunday magazine special edition "Fashion of the Times"

January, 2000

Press January 20, 2000, Ultrastar/WeTalk Press Release new Link
Ultrastar announces strategic partnership with WeTalk Network for community-powered chat, bulletin boards etc

December, 1999

Press December 3, 1999, Goldmine new Link
Volume 25, No. 25, Issue 505 of Goldmine features a review of Bowie's remastered EMI catalogue along with a review of 'hours...' by Hans Morgenstern.

November, 1999

Press November 11, 1999, Hot Press new Link
Bowie gives an interview about 'hours...' and his current lifestyle to Stuart Clark

Press November 1, 1999, Rock & Folk new Link
Cover article and interview with Bowie in this French rock magazine.

Press November 1, 1999, Music Manual new Link
German magazine with cover photo and article on Bowie and 'hours...'

Press November 1, 1999, Record Collector new Link
An extensive Bowie issue including a discography of all of Bowie's releases over the past decade, an article critiquing his work over that time and a review of hours.

October, 1999

Press October 1, 1999, The Guardian new Link
Cracked Actor: From Space Oddity to multimedia mogul, David Bowie has undergone countless transformations over his 30-year career. As a new album sees yet another change of image, Tom Cox takes a nostalgic look through the pages of this one-man Who's Who

Press October 1, 1999, Uncut new Link
Cover photo and 26 page interview with Bowie.

Press October 1, 1999, Q new Link
Interview and pictures for promotion of 'hours...'

Press October 1, 1999, MusikExpress new Link
A four page article and cover on the German issue of MusikExpress

Press October 1, 1999, l'Optimum new Link
This French men's fashion magazine has a cover photo, four page interview by Thomas Erber and two recent photos.

Press October 1, 1999, Keyboards new Link
This French music magazine has a cover photo, five page article by Jerome Soligny, two old photos, and a couple of drawings

Press October 1, 1999, Libro Magazine new Link
Cover picture and small story on Bowie in the October issue of Libro Magazine (Austria)

Press October 1, 1999, Flaunt new Link
Cover picture (can be punched out to be used as a Halloween mask) and inside lengthy article.

August, 1999

Press August 30, 1999, Press Release new Link
Virgin Records press release announcing the available download on September 21 of hours... at participating retailers throughout the US.

Press August 17, 1999, Virgin Music Group Press Release new Link
Virgin officially announces a worldwide recording rights agreement with Bowie

July, 1999

Press July 15, 1999, Press Release: Without You I'm Nothing new Link
Press release for the Placebo/Bowie duet release of Without You I'm Nothing.

Press July 13, 1999, Virgin Records Press Release new Link
Press release from Virgin Records for the Stigmata soundtrack, which includes quotes from Bowie about his song "The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell"

June, 1999

Press June 18, 1999, "hours..." Press Release new Link
The official press release from Mitch Schneider Organization on Bowie's 1999 release, "hours..."

May, 1999

Press May 18, 1999, What's Really Happening Recording Press Release new Link
The official press release describing the recording of What's Really Happening

April, 1999

Press April, 1999, Jane new Link
Jane Magazine plays a telephone prank on various record companies, asking the question "Would Bowie get a major record deal today?"

Press April, 1999, Yahoo! Internet Life, p92-96 new Link
Bowie is on the cover and feature article of the April edition of Yahoo! Internet life, in an article called The Thin Wired Duke

March, 1999

Press March, 1999, .net Magazine (UK) new Link
A bonus interview with Bowie on his role on the World Wide Web (issue #55)

February, 1999

Press February, 1999, Internet Magazine new Link
Bowie appears on the front cover of this UK-based magazine, and has a 4 page interview in a piece titled "Serious Moonlighting".

January, 1999

Press January 15, 1999, UK Guardian new Link
Bowie is interviewed about his Internet habits and websites

Press January 11, 1999, Big Issue new Link
An interview with Bowie about his Internet and cyberspace habits

Press January 4, 1999, Computer World new Link
Bowie joins technical luminaries such as Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and Tim Berners-Lee to give his own impression of what the next 10 years will bring in the world of computers, technology and the Internet.

December, 1998

Press December, 1998, Rock & Folk Link
An exclusive interview with Bowie in this French music magazine

Press December, 1998, Timeout (UK) Link
An interview with Bowie about his BowieNet ISP venture reveals some interesting web surfing characteristics.

Press December, 1998, Modern Painters Link
Bowie interviews artist Julian Schnabel in the December 1998 edition of Modern Painters

November, 1998

Press November 2, 1998, Entertainment Weekly Link
The technology insert of November 2's Entertainment Weekly Magazine includes a four-page feature on Bowie's use of technology and the creation of BowieNet.

October, 1998

Press October 29, 1998, San Jose Metro, p29-30 Link
A report on Bowie's ISP adventure, including quotes from Dara O'Kearney and yours truly..

August, 1998

Press August, 1998, Vanity Fair Link
Back page has a "20 questions" interview with Bowie. You can read the transcript by following the link here.

July, 1998

Press July 22, 1998, BowieNet Official Press Release Link
Ultrastar's official BowieNet press release.

Press July, 1998, Uncut Link
An interview with Nicholas Roeg talks about Bowie in his first feature film, The Man Who Fell To Earth.

June, 1998

Press June, 1998, Record Collector Link
Record Collector June 1998 has a cover story and articles on Ziggy Stardust.

March, 1998

Press March, 1998, Modern Painters 
Bowie interviews artist Jeff Koons in the Spring 98 edition of Modern Painters

February, 1998

Press February, 1998, Record Collector Link
The February edition of UK magazine Record Collector has a four page article on Bowie, specifically his art and bowieart.com

January, 1998

Press January, 1998, Interview 
The January 1998 edition of Interview magazine carries Bowie's interview of pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.

Press January, 1998, Vice Versa Link
This Mexican magazine had a cover article on Bowie's visit to Mexico during his Earthling tour, including pictures at El Museo de las Bellas Artes and Las Piramides de Teotihuaca

December, 1997

Press December 8, The Big Issue Link
Jarvis Cocker conducted an interview with Bowie in The Big Issue, a London weekly paper sold by (and benefiting) the homeless.

November, 1997

Press November, Modern Painters Link
Bowie interviews British painter Tracey Emin in the Fall edition of the British art magazine Modern Painters. (This appeared on newstands around November)

October, 1997

Press October, Mojo Link
Bowie appears on the cover, and in an article on glam-rock inside.

Press October, Fi 
Bowie appears on the cover of Fi magazine, and has a 3 page interview by J.D. Considine

Press October, GQ Link
Bowie is pictured wearing Paul Smith designs, and has an interview with Paul Smith.

Press October, Rolling Stone (Germany) Link
David (from the 70s) is on the cover. Ten page article on "Bowie in Berlin" with great unknown photos. Simply the best article on Bowie in a German magazine ever! Highlight is a photo of David with five transvestites- oh wait only four, the right one is the young Coco;-) The mandarin version of SYIT is on the included free cd as a bonus track. In the accompanying booklet "Musical Milestones of the 70īs" Ziggy Stardust, Hunky Dory and the Singles collection are featured. (Info from Reinhold)

August, 1997

Press August 4, Mitch Schneider Press Release Link
MSO's press release announcing the US tour

Press August, Bikini Link
Bowie was mentioned in 3 articles in Bikini magazine, August 1997. Matt Landis transcribed them and they're available through the WWW link.

July, 1997

Press July, Modern Drummer Link
July 1997 issue has an article about David and Zachary, as well as past Bowie drummers.

Press July, Marco Magazine Link
This German magazine for young savers (published by a bank) featured Bowie on the cover, and a two page article.

June, 1997

Press June 16, UK Daily Telegraph Link
The UK Daily Telegraph published a piece on Bowie's Art publishing company

Press June 6, Goldmine Link
The original music collectible magazine has a feature story (including cover) on Bowie in the 80's. Has multiple interviews and great information (including two articles by Colin McDonald, a Teenage Wildlifer!)

Press June, Guitar Player Link
The June 1997 edition of Guitar Player has Bowie and Reeves Gabrels on the cover, and a long article inside.

Press June, German Rolling Stone 
Cover story about Bowie (with picture of Bowie wearing mask Gail-Ann used to wear at concerts). Also includes a free CD with I'm Deranged jungle mix on it

May, 1997

Press May, Blender 
Blender is a CD-ROM magazine published bimonthly, and features an interview and pictures of Bowie in its latest "sex" issue (issued in May). Contact Blender at 1-800-537-7300 or email at input@blender.com.

April, 1997

Press April 4, Amica Link
The Italian magazine Amica has an interview with Bowie. (Thanks Samantha)

Press April, Guitar World Link
April issue of GuitarWorld magazine has an interview with David and Reeves. Aerosmith is on the cover. (Thanks Robin)

Press April, Vox Link
April issue has about 6 pages on Bowie through the years, as seen by NME. (Thanks JeanMarie)

Press April, Swing Link
April issue has a three page interview with David with great photos, called "David Bowie: Earth Ambassador". (Thanks Dauphne).

March, 1997

Article transcript

British Airways Highlife
The British Airways inflight magazine "Highlife" had this interview with Bowie in a recent issue.

Alien Encounters: Issue 10
The UK Magazine Alien Encounters has Bowie on the cover with the headline Loving the Alien: David Bowie's UFO Experiences. It's a four page article with nice colour pictures. Apparently three of them are Gilly's pictures from the Birthday Concert. (Thanks Adeline)

USA Today: March 12
USA Today featured Bowie in both their online and print edition on March 12, 1997. You can take a look at the online version here. (Thanks Bonster and Tony).

Total TV, March 8 issue
Mark (aka Kali) sent me information about Bowie's appearance in the March 8 issue of Total TV, where he says

'Being an artist, you fall for the romance of being slightly psychotc,' the 50-year-old musician said in the March 8 issue of 'Total TV' magazine. 'You feel that it's OK to be a bit out of your gourd.

'There are so many artists who are scared of cleaning up, for instance, contemporaries of mine, who are still doing drugs, and one of their main reasons is that if they stop, they may dry up.

'So there's always that thing that you've got to be out there to be "out there." Which is not true.'

Thanks Kali!

In the Mojo Navigator section of the March issue, Teenage Wildlife is mentioned as a site to visit on the Web! Here's the transcript:

"The coming of Bowie's new album, Earthling, prompted two emails about Bowie sites. Matt Westacott of Perth, Australia, sent us details of an all-singing, all-dancing (provided you have Java that is) interactive David Bowie site at http://www.etete.com/Bowie/ and my, what a fuss they made of the dame's 50th birthday! Run by fans, it has all the usual features and more, including a search engine for David's lyrics. Well worth a visit."
Thanks Mattie! In the same issue, there is also a review of Earthling with David discussing each track.

The Live! article
The March edition of Live! has a Bowie article which Rachel has transcribed!

XTreme (MTV German mag)
The current? issue has Bowie on the cover with a "bizarre picture". Inside are four pages devoted to Bowie. (Thanks Dara)

The March issue with Patricia Arquette on the cover has a four page article on Bowie with great pictures and discussion of Bowie's contribution to the Lost Highway soundtrack. (Thanks Lara)

The Music Paper
This has Bowie on the cover and a page and a half article. (Thanks Lara)

The March issue of Out has a positive review of Earthling. (Thanks Hel2)

The March issue has an interview with David. Blur's frontman is on the cover. (Thanks Robin)

US Magazine
The March issue has a large picture of David from his after show birthday party. (Thanks Hel2)

Rolling Stone, March 6th
The March 6th edition of Rolling Stone has a full page write up on the Birthday Benefit Bash at Madison Square Garden. (Thanks Hel2)

People, March 3rd issue
People Magazine talks about Planet Ziggywood and David's penchant for hoarding old costumes.

The Raygun article
The March edition of Raygun has a Bowie cover and a long article in it.

The Web Magazine
The Internet-themed magazine "The Web" has a cover story on Bowie in their March newstand issue, describing his Web surfing habits and his view of the Internet.

February, 1997

The April issue of Musician magazine has a one page interview with David. It's the one with Prince on the cover.

New York Times, February 20
The New York Times has an interview by Neil Strauss with Bowie in their February 20th Arts and Leisure section. Bowie mentions making the 1. Outside trilogy an Internet-only release! (Note: The New York Times is free on the Internet but requires you to create a user profile to access its stories)

Time, February 10
The venerable magazine Time has an article on Bowie in their February 10 issue. You can read it here.

Another interview with Bowie in Tower Record's monthly magazine, for which Rachel already has a transcription with photos.

The February 1997 issue of Interview has an interview with David (it's the one with Sharon Stone on the cover). (Information courtesy of Robin).

Andrew Follon sends information about the February 97 issue of the Mojo, which has just hit the UK newstands. In it they ask various people about the best thing they heard in 1996. Bowie's answer was the Lewis Taylor debut album, which he describes as great soul and full of sensuality.

Q Magazine
Q had a whole article on Bowie at 50 in their February 1997 issue, which you can read at Rachel's site.

January, 1997

The January 1997 issue of Finnish rock magazine "Soundi" has a 3 page article on Bowie, together with two promo postcards of the man himself. (Information courtesy of Tapana Taki).

Entertainment Weekly, January 31
Entertainment Weekly in the US has an article on Bowie in their January 31 issue. You can read a transcript here courtesy of Rachel.

UK Daily Telegraph Arts Section, January 9, 1997
The UK Daily Telegraph takes a mostly negative look at Bowie in their 50 year retrospective look.

GQ has a two page article on Bowie (together with some interesting pictures) about Earthling and other info in their January 1997 issue.

December, 1996

Rolling Stone Online, December 27
Rolling Stone had an online article about the upcoming Birthday Benefit concert, including more information about opening act Placebo. (Thanks to the Bonster for the pointer).

The Independent, December 22
The UK newspaper The Independent published an article about the origin of Ziggy Stardust as described to Alan Yentob in the upcoming BBC documentary.

Billboard Magazine, December 21
An article written by Melinda Newman of Billboard Magazine appears in summarised form on their sneak peek site (which will no doubt be an invalid link when they next change the information). In the full article, the following points of interest are made:

UK Daily Telegraph Arts Section, December 14
The UK Daily Telegraph has a long and interesting interview with Bowie which includes a lot of personal information.

POP magazine (Sweden), December 12
Peter Birgerstram sent me information about an interview conducted by the Swedish rock magazine POP with David while David was in the studio recording Earthling. You can read Peter's paraphrasing of the article here.

Record Collector
The December 1996 issue of the U.K. magazine Record Collector continues with its look at the "lost Bowie tracks". This time, it looks at the tracks from Hunky Dory up to Scary Monsters. It also comments favourably on the "stunning return to form" of The Buddha of Suburbia and Outside. (Information courtesy of John Smith).

November 1996

Q Magazine
The November 1996 issue of Q has five or so Bowie references, including an interview with TV host Jools Holland about the appearance of Bowie and Mike Garson on Holland's show last year (thanks to Dara O'Kearney).

Record Collector
The November 1996 issue of U.K. magazine Record Collector has a five page feature on Bowie's unreleased work from his pre-Ziggy years, entitled "You Didn't Hear Them From Me". This is the first of a two-part series (thanks to Dara O'Kearney).

October 1995

The Journal Interview
Teenage Wildlife reader Philip Young interviewed Bowie to write this piece for The Journal, a morning paper for the North East of England.

January, 1988

Press January 1, 1988, Words And Music new Link
An interview with Bowie during his Never Let Me Down tour.

August, 1987

Press August, 1987, Musician Link
A full cover shot and interview, and accompanying articles on the band for the Glass Spider tour and Peter Frampton.

June, 1987

Press June 1, 1987, Music & Sound Output Link
Bowie graces the cover of this magazine for the music industry and provides an interview while filming the video for Day In, Day Out. Also of interest, sidebars on producer David Richards, and Bowie's own take on each song on the new album at the time.

July, 1983

Press July 18, 1983, Time Magazine 
Cover story on Bowie after his release of the massively popular Let's Dance

May, 1983

Press May, 1983, Musician Link
Extensive interview with pictures covering Bowie's life up to 1983. Excellent read!

October, 1979

Press October, 1979, Trouser Press Link
A critical piece looking at Bowie's work through the end of the 70s - interesting retrospective, particularly the look at how Low and Heroes were received by the press at the time of their release. Also includes sidebar interviews with Cherry Vanilla and Carlos Alomar.

February, 1977

Press February, 1977, Trouser Press Link
The February-March 1977 edition of Trouser Press features the first half of an article by a "lapsed" Bowie fan. Provides some interesting insight into the tribulations faced by being a Bowie fan in the 70s with his constant style changes.

September, 1976

Press September 6, 1976, People Link
Bowie featured on the cover of People Magazine along with an article including some snippets of interview.

Press September, 1976, Playboy Link
A major interview with Bowie, often used later for quotes.

June, 1974

Press June, 1974, Rock Magazine new Link
Bowie talks about his latest album, Diamond Dogs. A fascinating glimpse into the mind of Bowie circa 1974.

February, 1974

Press February 28, 1974, Rolling Stone new Link
The famous interview of Bowie by William Burroughs which appeared in Rolling Stone in 1974

November, 1973

Press November, Unknown Link
David Bowie's Makeup Dos and Don'ts

November, 1972

Press November 9, 1972, Rolling Stone Link
Cover article on Bowie. Transcript sent in by Ben.

October, 1972

Press October 9, 1972, NewsWeek Link
NewsWeek's famous article on The Stardust Kid, written when Bowie made his first US tour

July, 1972

Press July, 1972, Words and Music Link
One of the first retrospective Bowie career articles, published shortly after the release of Ziggy Stardust.

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