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Virgin Megastore Signing

London, UK
December 2, 1999

At 4 p.m. on the day of his Astoria concert, Bowie was at the Virgin Megastore concert in Oxford Street, London to meet fans who had been queueing since the early hours of the morning for a chance to meet and get a memento signed by the rock legend.

After sitting outside the store in Oxford Street in London from 5:30 am, we finally got let in around 9am and got our grubby paws on the tickets for the afternoon signing. We were told he would only be seeing around 50 fans so luckily we ended up with ticket numbers in the low 20's. Relief!! I have some photos from the signing but, as usual, not ONE with me meeting db. After spending HOURS getting primped and preened and making triple sure the camera was working: the guy I gave my camera to somehow managed to get me totally obscured by Bowie's minder :(( Of course I got everyone elses pictures OK didn't I!!!

I'm still smarting from the Virgin meeting. Of all the things I wanted to say to Bowie, having had plenty of time to rehearse this time - I ran up to him, gave him my hours cover and said "I'm sorry but I've sweated all over it". Duh!! Well at least it gave him a laugh and he said that I was really funny. Got a kiss too, which as I keep whining about, is NOT caught on film. It's a hard life ;-)


Scans contributed by GWTMH

Virgin ticket Autograph

Following pictures contributed by Philippe Auliac

Virgin Megastore Virgin Megastore Virgin Megastore
Virgin Megastore Virgin Megastore
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