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Bowie References in Literature

Thanks to a fun thread started on our guestbook, we started a list of references to Bowie in popular literature. Here's the current list of known Bowie appearances. If you're interested in non-fiction books about Bowie, you should go to the books page.

Book and Author Description
Buddha of Suburbia, The and Black Album, Hanif Kureshi Bowie wrote the soundtrack to The Buddha of Suburbia
Chain Letter, The, Christopher Pike One of the characters paints a nude picture of Bowie, refs in Chapter 4, and Chapter 17
Cool: The Complete Handbook, Harry Armfield Five references to Bowie in the book pages 30, 70, 72, 94 and 139
Diamond Nebula, Jeremy Reed A novel about a future apocalyptic society based on three icons of the 20th century, Bowie, Warhol and novelist J.G. Ballard. Buy this book in our bookstore!
El Jardin de al Lado, Jose Donoso This Chilean author has a reference to Bowie early in the book. The scene is a shop in the beach town of Sitges, Spain circa 1980 where Kooks is playing. The narrator quotes some of the lyrics.
Final Friends: The Graduation, Christopher Pike One character mentions Starman, by David Bowie when talking about a song to play at graduation, ref Chapter 8
Héroes, Ray Loriga Loriga is a Spanish author, and dedicates this book to "Ziggy". In the story, Bowie is the inspiration for the protagonist, and is referred to as some kind of "Guardian Of Angels". (Thanks to Alejandro Dagnino from Chile for this Spanish reference).
Idoru, William Gibson Michael Minney sent me information about a William Gibson based web site with a fictional band based on Gibson's characters.
Lasher, Anne Rice The incarnate spirit is likened to an "acolyte of the rock star David Bowie".
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Rules Of Attraction, Bret Ellis Easton Lots of name checks from modern music circa late 1980's
Seven Years In Tibet, Heinrich Harrer David's favourite book as of December 1996, and no doubt the inspiration for the song on the Earthling album.
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So Long And Thanks For All The Fish, Douglas Adams Hiliarious Bowie references in Chapter 31
Trainspotting, Irvine Welsh  
Vidunderlige kvinner ved vann, Monica Fagerholm In English, the title is "Wonderful Women by Water". The main character is a devoted Bowie fan. She dies tragically in a boat accident, while her Sony waterproof CD player plays: Let All the Children Boogie. Several references to different lyrics from the Ziggy Stardust album.
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