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Reality - The Album

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Expected Release Date: week of September 15, 2003

Reality is Bowie's second full studio album of the 21st century, and second in his new multi-album contract with Columbia records.


  1. New Killer Star
  2. Pablo Picasso
  3. Never Get Old
  4. The Loneliest Guy
  5. Looking For Water
  6. She'll Drive the Big Car
  7. Days
  8. Fall Dog Bombs the Moon
  9. Try Some, Buy Some
  10. Reality
  11. Bring Me the Disco King
Release details
Release date: September 16, 2003 (USA)
Released by Columbia Records
David Bowie and Tony Visconti
David Bowie: vocals, guitars, saxophone, keyboards
Tony Visconti: bass
Earl Slick: guitar
Sterling Campbell: drums and percussion
Gerry Leonard: guitar
Gail-Ann Dorsey: bass, vocals
Mike Garson: keyboards
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