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Let Me Sleep Beside You - The Song

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Words and music by David Bowie.


Baby, baby, brush the dust of youth from your shoulder
Because the years of fretting days are right behind you now
Don't return to fields of green where rainbow secrets were told
Place your ragged doll with all the toys and things and deeds
I will show you a game where the winner never wins

  Let your hair hang down, wear the dress your mother wore
  Let me sleep beside you

Lock away your childhood and throw away the key
For now the streets and city sounds will burn your eyes as coals
We shall drink the oldest wine and velvet skies will linger
Child, you're a woman now, your heart and soul are free
I will boldly light that lamp and we shall walk together


Your darkened eyes throw mystery
But your lips are void of history
You could not imagine that it could happen this way, could you
I will give you dreams and I'll tell you things you'll like to hear


Let me sleep beside you


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