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Goodbye Mr. Ed - The Song

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Words and music by David Bowie and Hunt Sales.


The ghost of Manhattoes
Shrieking as they fall
From AT&T
Someone sees it all
Goodbye Mr. Ed
Andy's skull enshrined
In a shopping mall near Queens
Someone sees it all

Icarus takes his pratfall
Bruegel on his head
Goodbye Mr. Ed

Four and twenty black kids
Some of them are blind
Someone sees it all
Tolerance of violence
By the fellows with no heads
Goodbye Mr. Ed

CHORUS (twice)
  Some things are so big
  They make no sense
  Histories so small
  People are so dense
  Someone sees it all
  Goodbye Mr. Ed

Never mind the Pistols
They laid the Golem eggs
Others came to hatch them
Outside the pale
Someone sees it all
Goodbye Mr. Ed


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