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Tin Machine - The Album

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Note the alternate cover photographs with members standing in similar poses but different positions. The second cover is from the EMI 1999 reissue (Contributed by Kalle)

Songs (Time)

All songs written by David Bowie except Tin Machine, Prisoner Of Love by David Bowie/Tony Sales/Hunt Sales/ Reeves Gabrels, I Can't Read, Amazing, Bus Stop by David Bowie/Reeves Gabrels, Working Class Hero by John Lennon, Video Crime, Sacrifice Yourself by David Bowie/Tony Sales/Hunt Sales and Run by David Bowie/Keith Armstrong.

  1. Heaven's In Here (6:01)
  2. Tin Machine (3:34)
  3. Prisoner Of Love (4:50)
  4. Crack City (4:36)
  5. I Can't Read (4:54)
  6. Under The God (4:06)
  7. Amazing (3:04)
  8. Working Class Hero (4:38)
  9. Bus Stop (1:41)
  10. Pretty Thing (4:39)
  11. Video Crime (3:52)
  12. Run (3:20)
  13. Sacrifice Yourself (2:08)
  14. Baby Can Dance (4:57)

    Bonus Track

  15. Bus Stop (country version) (1:53) (recorded live at Cigale, Paris)
Release details
Release by EMI May 23, 1989
Rereleased 1995 by EMI/Virgin with bonus track
Tin Machine and Tim Palmer
David Bowie: vocals, guitar
Reeves Gabrels: lead guitar
Hunt Sales: drums, vocals
Tony Sales: bass, vocals

Bonus Track Details

Mobile recording services courtesy of Westwood One.


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