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Dum Dum Boys - The Song

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Music and lyrics by Iggy Pop and David Bowie.

Thanks to Aizawa Toshiyuki for typing in all of these lyrics, so I only had to cut and paste.


  What happened to Zeke?
  He's dead out of ??
  How about Dave?
  OD'd on alcohol
  What's Rock doing?
  Oh he's living with his mother
  What about James?
  He's going straight

Things have been tough
Without the dum dum boys
I can't seem to speak
The language
I remember how they
Used to stare at the ground
They looked as if they
Put the whole world
Looked as if they put
the whole world down

The first time I saw
the dum dum boys
I was fascinated
They just stood in front
Of the old drug store
I was most impressed
No one else was impressed
Not at all
And we'd sing
dum dum day
Where are you now my
dum dum boys are you
Alive or dead
Have you left me the last
Of the dum dum daze
Then the sun goes down
And the boys broke down

People said we were negative
They said we'd take but
we would never give
But we'd sing da-da-da
Da-da-da dum dum day
Da-da-da-da-da dum
And hope it would pay
Da-da-da-da it's been
A dumdumdum day
A dum dum day

Now I'm looking for
The dum dum boys
Where are you now
When I need your noise

Now I'm looking for
The dum dum boys
The walls close in and
I need some noise


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