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Songs (Time)

All songs written by David Bowie except Fame by David Bowie/John Lennon/Carlos Alomar, Warzawa and Heroes by David Bowie and Brian Eno, Breaking Glass by David Bowie/Dennis Davis/George Murray, and Alabama Song by Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht.

Disc One

  1. Hang Onto Yourself (3:26)
  2. Ziggy Stardust (3:32)
  3. Five Years (3:58)
  4. Soul Love (2:55)
  5. Star (2:31)
  6. Station To Station (8:55)
  7. Fame (4:06)
  8. TVC-15 (4:37)
Disc Two
  1. Warszawa (6:50)
  2. Speed Of Life (2:44)
  3. Art Decade (3:10)
  4. Sense Of Doubt (3:13)
  5. Breaking Glass (3:28)
  6. Heroes (6:19)
  7. What In The World (4:24)
  8. Blackout (4:01)
  9. Beauty And The Beast (5:08)

    Bonus tracks on RykoDisc release

  10. Alabama Song (4:00)
Release details
Original release by RCA 1978
Rereleased on CD by RykoDisc 1991
Recorded by
Tony Visconti
David Bowie and Tony Visconti
Mixed by
Tony Visconti
The Band
David Bowie: vocals, chamberlain
Carlos Alomar: rhythm guitar, background vocals
Adrian Belew: lead guitar, background vocals
Dennis Davis: drums, percussion
Simon House: electric violin
Sean Mayes: piano, string ensemble, background vocals
George Murray: bass guitar, background vocals
Roger Powell: keyboards and synthesizer, background vocals


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