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I'm Deranged - The Song

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Music by Bowie/Eno. Lyrics by Bowie.


Funny how secrets travel
I'd start to believe if I were to bleed
Thin skies, the man chains his hands held high
Cruise me blond
Cruise me babe
A blond belief beyond beyond beyond
No return No return

I'm deranged
Deranged my love
I'm deranged down down down
So cruise me babe cruise me baby

  And the rain sets in
  It's the angel-man
  I'm deranged

Cruise me cruise me cruise me babe

The clutch of life and the fist of love
Over your head
Big deal Salaam
Be real deranged Salaam
Before we reel
I'm deranged

CHORUS (two times)

Cruise me cruise me cruise me babe

I'm deranged


To be sung by the artist/Minotaur.


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