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African Night Flight - The Song

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Words by David Bowie. Music by David Bowie and Brian Eno.


African nightmare one-time Mormon
More men fall in Hullabaloo men
I slide to the nearest bar
Undermine chairman I went too far
Bent on a windfall rent a sony
Wonder how the dollar went down
Gotta get a word to Elizabeth's father
Hey no, he wished me well

CHORUS 1 (two times)
  Seemed like another day
  I could fly into the eye of god on high

CHORUS 2 (two times)
  His burning eye will see me through
  One of these days, one of these days
  Gotta get a word through one of these days

CHORUS 3 (two times)
  Asanti habari habari habari
  Asanti nabana nabana nabana

Getting in mood for a Mombassa night flight
Pushing my luck, gonna fly like a mad thing
Bare strip takeoff skimming over Rhino
Born in slumber less than peace
Struggle with a child whose screaming dreaming
Drowned by the props all steely sunshine
Sick of you, sick of me
Lust for the free life
Quashed and maimed
Like a valuable loved one
Left unnamed

CHORUS 1 (two times)

Over the bushland over the trees
Wise like Orangutan that was me

CHORUS 2 (two times)

CHORUS 3 (repeat ad inf.)



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