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Lust For Life - The Album

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The Idiot is an Iggy Pop album, although David starred so heavily on it (co-writing all the songs, and producing the album) that I thought it deserves its own page.

Songs (Time)

All songs lyrics by Iggy Pop, music by David Bowie except Sixteen lyrics and music by Pop, The Passenger lyrics by Pop, music by Ricky Gardiner, Success and Neighborhood Thread lyrics by Pop, music by Bowie and Gardiner, Turn Blue lyrics by Pop and Lacey, music by Bowie and Warren Peace and Fall In Love With Me lyrics by Pop, music by Bowie, Hunt Sales and Tony Sales.
  1. Lust for Life
  2. Sixteen
  3. Some Weird Sin
  4. The Passenger
  5. Tonight
  6. Success
  7. Turn Blue
  8. Neighborhood Threat
  9. Fall In Love With Me
Release details
Originally released by RCA September 1977
Catalogue number RCA PL 12488 (UK), RCA APL1-2488 (US)
Rereleased by Virgin Records 1990
David Bowie
Hunt Sales drums
Tony Sales bass
Carlos Alomar, Ricky Gardiner guitars
David Bowie piano
The Band vocals


The second of the Bowie/Pop albums. Bowie would later tour with Pop, playing piano in the background of the set.

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