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All The Young Dudes - The Song

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Words and music by David Bowie. (Originally written by David for Mott The Hoople). Note: The lyrics here are from the "original" version David recorded in the studio but which was never released until Rarest One Bowie.


Billy rapped all night 'bout his suicide
How he'd kick it in the head when he was 25
Don't wanna stay alive when you're 25

Wendy's stealing clothes from unlocked cars
Freddy's got spots from ripping off stars from his face
Funky little boat race
The television man is crazy
Saying we're juvenile delinquent wrecks
Man I need a TV when I've got T. Rex
Hey brother you guessed
I'm a dude 

CHORUS (twice)
  All the young dudes
  Carry the news
  Boogaloo dudes
  Carry the news

Now Jimmy looking sweet though he dresses like a queen
He can kick like a mule
It's a real mean team
We can love
Oh we can love
And my brother's back at home
With his Beatles and his Stones
We never got if off on that revolution stuff
What a drag
Too many snags
Well I drunk a lot of wine
And I'm feeling fine
Gonna race some cat to bed
Is this concrete all around
Or is it in my head
Oh brother you guessed
I'm a dude

CHORUS (repeat ad inf.)


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